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Many years ago, the publishers of The James Beard International Cookbook asked me if I would become a domestic supplier of A MOROCCAN POT called A TAJINE. I said, "send me a picture to see if I like it, and we'll go from there." The photo I saw showed a large, jolly Moroccan sitting in the marketplace cradling a shallow dish with a long cone-shaped lid. It was like nothing else I'd ever made or seen. But one thing was obvious: this beautiful vessel had evolved in a society that treasured its crafts as an integral part of their everyday lives. I knew nothing about its use or how it was made but I responded to the universal language of material and shape. If you buy our Tajine, what you will own is my interpretation of that pot.

By the way, we've improved on it somewhat by eliminating lead from the glaze. Beware of Moroccan tajines from Morocco, for the lead content in their glazes is certain to be far beyond acceptable levels. Ours are not useable on the stovetop and only very gradual heating in an oven is recommended. The tajine is really A SERVING VESSEL and should be treated as such.



Small is 9 inches in diameter, 4 inches overall height (w/lid). Large is 11 inches in diameter with 5 inches overall height (w/lid) . more info

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