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There have always been special shops that link the artist and craftsman to the public. At these shops craftsmen and shopkeepers not only sell their own work but also offer the work of other artisans that meet their standard of excellence.

At the Cornwall Bridge Pottery Store we have carefully selected the work of glassmakers, woodworkers, metalsmiths and others to complement our wood-fired pots. We have filled the store with treasures that meet our rigid artistic criteria - beautiful, long lasting and affordable art works.

Our Store is 5000 square feet and covers two floors. On the ground floor we showcase our Lamps and pots. The second floor focuses on several lines of furniture and contains ever-changing exhibitions of pottery.

Sometimes we feature work by students coming to the end of their apprenticeships. Other times there will be work featuring Todd Piker's innovative explorations as an artist/craftsman.

In any event keep checking back here for the latest news about our museum-quality events.

Store Hours:
Saturday and Sunday 11:00-5:00.
It's never a bad idea to call if you can: 860/672-6545.

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